Proving a return on workforce

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Our opening keynote is a compelling out-of-sector take on how engaging your workforce can optimise business performance. Put simply - if you listen to both your customers and your colleagues they will tell you how to run your business.

Drawing on his wealth of commercial and HR experience of coaching and mentoring teams and individuals for over 20 years at organisations including BUPA, Hambro Bank and Guardian Royal Exchange, Jeremy will apply this to “commercialising” your people asset for bottom-line gain.

His firm belief is that encouraging people to be the “best version of themselves” will deliver greater value to their business.

This keynote will focus in on how developing individuals, creating high performing teams and developing an award winning culture can help increase net promoter scores, retain customer revenue, and get the best employee engagement results year on year.


Jeremy began his career 38 years ago in Business Development/Account Management and held his first Board Directorship 19 years ago and has held subsequent high profile corporate board roles such as Chief People Officer, Chief Commercial Officer and latterly as interim CEO.

His experience includes, guiding organisations and their people through several stages of ownership, from private equity, private ownership through to publicly listed. Recently he designed and implemented a productivity programme which increased sales order value by over 400%.

He is currently studying at Henley Business School for an MSc in Business Coaching and Behavioural change and has an unrelenting passion for personal growth and development.

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