Vocational education: nurturing the workforce of the future

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Join the Pearson team as they explore the practical skills and knowledge vocational learners bring to higher education and the workplace, and why applied learning is so valuable. They’ll take a look at how employer involvement and work placements during study can enrich a learner’s experience, helping them apply their knowledge and preparing them to be a competent, skilled employee of the future.


Marina Bowler Postlethwaite, Lead Trainer for Sport, Pearson

Marina’s academic and working career has involved developing and implementing pedagogical approaches to teaching and training roles within the lifelong learning, education and training sectors.

Marina has a key interest in enhancing the learner and customer experience via innovations in teaching, learning and assessment practices. She’s passionate about measuring and celebrating achievement - in all its guises and at all levels of an organisation.

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Catherine Hillhouse, Co-Trainer for Sport, Pearson

Catherine is an experienced educationalist with 20 years’ experience working within higher and further education; and the lifelong learning and training sectors. This background has given her a deep understanding of how improvements in teaching, learning and assessment practices can enhance the learner experience.

Catherine is passionate about equipping learners with the exemplary skills and knowledge that will enable them to process into and succeed within further education opportunities or employment - helping them to be the best that they can be within their chosen field.

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