A new era of shared sector-wide business intelligence

A new era of shared sector-wide business intelligence

Driving commercial returns and evidencing local impacts – the DataHub

Data hub can enable every operator to analyse their performance, identify opportunities and measure impact
— Alex Burrows

Alex Burrows, director, 4 global


“Real-world” analytics are powerful and persuasive. Data is at the heart of successful operators within the sport and leisure sector. It is quickly changing the way we do business and demonstrates the worth of our work. Alex pointed out that we are “data rich but information poor”. It’s all well and good collecting data but you need to be able to do something with it. Operators need to be able to look at any data, ask any question, test their theories and put the results into action.

To highlight his point he asked 2 questions :

  • What is the likelihood of people using their closest pool? Answer – 28.8% which means over 60% go further afield. So what’s working better elsewhere?
  • What fitness programme delivered the greatest returns for operators last month compared with the previous month? Answer – INSANITY workout was up by 45%.

DataHub is a collaborative project launched in 2013 to bring anonymous data together from participating operators on a daily basis. The data is then aggregated to provide comparable sector-wide intelligence thus enabling every operator to analyse their performance, identify opportunities and measure impact.

There are 4 pillars to the DataHub:


  • Data integrity – securely brings data together, aligns it with consistent sector data standards to enable reporting information, relative benchmarking and actionable operational solutions.
  • NGB league tables – track and benchmark participation and programme performance across operator sites.

ASA data leagues – detailed performance and participation analysis for the swimming facilities and programmes within an operator's site.


Business reporting in conjunction with Xn Leisure– compute and display KPIs that matter. Create dashboard items by filtering, optimising and interpreting KPIs. Provides the ability to systematically analyse business metrics, answer key questions, test hypotheses and evaluate outcomes is key.

  • Geo impacts – live web based mapping of customer locations, segments and gap targeting. Uses an operator’s current data and sector-wide benchmarks to inform activity programme planning and subsequent targeted marketing campaigns, all aligned with the local profile catchment of the site.
  • Activity barometer – detailed programme performance analysis with live and facility-specific under performance triggers and notification.


  • E-Focus – customer Insight from Leisure-net including NPS/customer experience surveys, customer feedback and mystery shop/visits.
  • STITCH accident tracker in conjunction with Right Directions – a live snapshot of KPIs, allowing monitoring of accident trends and ‘hotspots’ locally and nationally, and the centre manager to review site trends and avoidable accidents and near misses.
  • PITCH contract monitoring in conjunction with MAX Associates - captures, collates and aggregates operational and financial data related to sport and leisure centre service level agreement (SLA) contracts. It provides a live snapshot of KPIs, allowing the local authority to monitor performance, and the centre operators to pro-actively focus investment and resources to meet contractual targets.


  • SROI calculator in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University and Experian – the social return on investment (SROI) calculator enables facility operators to automatically evidence the wider impact their programmes and facilities are delivering in the local community. The module is fully integrated with the DataHub and related data feed. In addition to evidencing impact value, the module also enables the operator to plan where localised interventions and customer acquisition and retention can generate greatest ROI for the community and therefore engage the most appropriate partners and funders.
  • Marketing intelligence in conjunction with bigwave media – use of business intelligence for targeted and proven marketing and tracking of campaign ROI.
  • Workforce Intelligence in conjunction with CIMSPA – continuous professional development and business performance driven by employee, employer and sector visibility and support.

   More information is available at: www.datahubclub.com programmes within an operator’s sites.