Conference Welcome

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Marc Woods, CIMSPA Chair


Marc Woods opened the CIMSPA 2019 conference with a reflective tone, looking back at the last 18 months of his chairship of the organisation and the progress CIMSPA has made. He also spoke of his pride in representing the sector and previewed CIMSPA’s future vision.

The last 18 months in review

“Last year I spoke about my journey to becoming chair of CIMSPA”, he said.

“This year I want to talk about the last 18 months and how much we have achieved. I see a group of people who are exceptionally proud of what they do, who want to have high standards and want to improve standards, and who want to offer great customer service with great people. And they want CIMSPA to be the advocate and the guardian of the sector.

“To look at where we are today, I think it is important to look at where we have come from.

”Our membership has grown to around 10,500. That is 10,500 members who believe in our vision. Our education offering has exploded. We now have 30 professional standards, 340 sector wide qualifications and 638 CPD units. We are beginning to gain a real presence in higher education with some incredible partners joining us over the last year and our quality assurance programme is heading in the right direction.  

“The massive change in the last 18 months is that we have moved from ‘Can they do it?’ to ‘They are doing it!’”.

Our new brand

Marc introduced the new CIMSPA branding to the audience.


“Being part of a chartered institute should mean something to all of us. We are the people guarding and taking care of the sector. We have a responsibility to maintain the high levels of quality we are putting into place for everyone involved in the sector.

“Our new logo represents our position of responsibility in the sector. We are here to protect the sector as represented by the shield and if you look closely you will see an owl with a protective wing, watching over the industry. The roll out of the new branding will be happening soon and we are very excited to see how it is received.”

In conclusion

“The last 18 months have not been easy. It has felt like we are building the plane while flying it. It takes a special group of people to do that. I can’t articulate how tough it has been and how hard the team has worked. To deliver what they have done to get us to the here and now the work they have done going in to the future is phenomenal.

“It’s great to talk about what we have done so far, but what’s super-exciting is to talk about what‘s on the horizon.”

With that, Marc introduced Tara Dillon, CIMSPA CEO.